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Oremite Mine - Lower Bridge

Summary Information
(last updated on: 11/13/2017 11:24:55 AM)
The mine was an approximately 550+ acres located about 6 miles west of Terrebonne in Sections 15 and 16, Township 14 South, Range 12 East. The site is also referred to as the Lower Bridge site and the former Deschutes Valley Sanitation site (ECSI#35). The site was used as a diatomaceous earth mining and processing area, and sand and gravel pit. The mining permit for this site closed in 2006. In the middle 1970s, a portion of the site was initially permitted by the DEQ for the disposal of hazardous wastes. Some waste was disposed of at the site before the permit was revoked; virtually all of the waste materials were stored in drums on the site. Under a DEQ-supervised clean-up, all wastes stored and disposed of at the site were removed in 1984. DEQ determined that no further action was required at the site in 1985 and in 1988 after an EPA funded preliminary assessment. In 2009, Deschutes County approved subdividing the property into two parcels and rezoned the parcel east of Lower Bridge Road to rural residential. Prior to plat approval there is a requirement of evalution of the parcels by DEQ and Oregon Health Authority. There is currently a plan to redevelop 135 acres of eastern parcel for residential housing.
General Site Information
Site: Oremite Mine - Lower Bridge (ECSI Site ID: 4950) CERCLIS (EPA) Id
Project Manager: Robert Schwarz Investigative Status:Contamination Suspected
PM Phone: (541) 298-7255 x230 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: Lower Bridge RD Is this site an Orphan?No
Lower Bridge, Is this site a brownfield?No
County: DESCHUTES Action Underway or Needed: Letter Agreement
Region: Eastern Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
2017-01-10-Wallace-TechMemo.pdf Memos 0.4273 1/10/2017 6/19/2017
PublicNotice-Lower Bridge Rd east parcels-2017-07-05.pdf Miscellaneous 0.2232 7/5/2017 7/5/2017
2017-06-30-OHA-ltr-no-apparent-health-hazard.pdf Miscellaneous 0.0999 6/30/2017 7/21/2017
PCC_USEcology_manifiests_3cf5ntbk.pdf Miscellaneous 1.8907 4/1/1984 7/28/2017
4950_LowerBridge_WaterSupply_Report_Newton.pdf Reports 3.1996 5/28/2008
4950_Lower_Bridge_Phase1_05-2007_AppendixB_C.pdf Reports 4.2889 5/28/2008
4950_Lower_Bridge_Phase1_05-2007_AppendixG.pdf Reports 1.5340 5/28/2008
4950_LowerBridge_PacificCorp_SoilRemovalReport.pdf Reports 0.9786 7/8/2008
4950_Lower_Bridge_Phase1_05-2007_Appendix E, F.pdf Reports 3.0300 9/25/2008
4950_LowerBridge_AirSamples_Analytical_Report_9_25_2008 .pdf Reports 1.4029 10/1/2008
4950_Lower_Bridge_Phase1_05-2007_Photo_AppA.pdf Reports 3.8126 5/1/2007 1/20/2016
2016-11-29-WallaceGroup-RI-Report-noAppendices.pdf Reports 6.2889 11/29/2016 6/19/2017
2015-08-10-Wallace-GeotechExplorationRpt.pdf Reports 4.6160 8/10/2015 8/3/2017
2017-3-17-Wallace-Cleanup Report TWG17R024 FINAL.pdf Reports 6.7241 3/17/2017 11/16/2017
EPA Preliminary Assessment, 1987.pdf Reports 7.7133 12/30/1987 12/21/2017
Staff Report - Lower Bridge ECSI 4950-081017.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 3.8702 8/10/2017 8/11/2017
35-DeschutesValleySanitation-NFA-1-29-1985.pdf Signed NFA letters 0.2498 11/17/2014
35-DeschutesValleySanitation-PA-NFA-8-23-1988.pdf Signed NFA letters 0.0738 11/17/2014
NFA-LowerBridge-EastParcels-081117.pdf Signed NFA letters 0.5589 8/11/2017 8/11/2017
4950-LowerBridge-RI-WorkPlan-Tbl1-12-19-2014.pdf Work Plans 0.0397 12/19/2014 5/15/2015
4950-LowerBridge-RI-WorkPlan-ResponseComments-12-19-2014.pdf Work Plans 0.9028 12/19/2014 5/15/2015
4950-LowerBridge-RI-WorkPlan-11-4-2014.pdf Work Plans 3.4144 11/4/2014 5/15/2015

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View of the site (behind the water tower) looking from the hillside south of the site where residential homes have been built.
The former mill buildings looking south.
Former mill building looking east.
Collapsed portions of the former mill structures.
Former mill buildings area on the eastern portion of the site, adjacent to Lower Bridge Road.
Terrain and sparse vegetation within the former mine.
Gravel road and mounds within the mine.
Eastern portion of the site is near the Deschutes River.
Hillside along the eastern border of the site.
Site includes an area near the western border where the Deschutes Valley Sanitation drum removal and sludge pond cleanup was completed between 1983 and 1985 (see ECSI site 35).
Former sludge pond that was included in the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup completed between 1983 and 1985 (see ECSI site 35).
Material in one of the approximately 700 drums that were removed as part of the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup completed between 1983 and 1985 (see ECSI 35).
Drum inventory in preparation for the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup completed during 1983 and 1985.
Drums being prepared for overpacking during the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup (see ECSI 35).
Overpacked drum during the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup (see ECSI 35).
Undated photo of the drum storage area for the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup (circa 1983 or 1984, see ECSI 35).
Drum inventory in preparation for the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup (see ECSI 35).
Soil impacted by a leaking drum that was removed during the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup (see ECSI 35).
Western portion of the site (white areas to the right) in the vicinity of the Deschutes Valley Sanitation cleanup completed between 1983 and 1985 (see ECSI 35).
Dust suppression is an issue at the site for nearby residents (dust clouds are visible in the center of the photo).
Looking at restoration area seeded and watered by pivot.
Pivot used to water restoration area.
Pivot Installation prior to watering and seeding
Pivot prior to watering and seeding.
East Side Parcel; some debris on surface
East Side Parcel; view west across Lower Bridge Road.
East parcel; view west above Deschutes river rim.
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