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Bullseye Glass - Drywell soil cleanup, groundwater

Summary Information
(last updated on: 3/21/2018 2:46:50 PM)
(3/21/2018 KRT) DEQ received a report on well installation, development, groundwater sampling and laborotory results on March 19, 2018. This report is uploaded to Webdocs of this ECSI page. Five monitoring wells were installed in the area of drywell #1 during January 2018. Groundwater from the wells was sampled on January 29, 2018. Drywell #1 was removed during the weekend of October 28 and 29, 2017. Soil surrounding the drywell was removed to a depth of 15.5 feet. DEQ was present at the site during drywell removal and soil excavation work. (8/24/17) BULLSEYE GLASS DRAFT CLEANUP ACTION PLAN PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING Date: Thursday, September 7, 2017 Time: Doors Open @ 6:30 – Meeting is from 7:00pm-8:30pm Place: Taborspace, Dining Room, 5441 SE Belmont Street, Portland DEQ is holding a public meeting to provide information and answer questions on a draft drywell cleanup proposal for Bullseye Glass Company. Bullseye Glass Company is a manufacturer of clear and colored glass for art and architectural uses with worldwide distribution and uses various metals and metal compounds during the manufacture of glass. Previously, it was found that a portion of these metals and metal compounds were vented to the atmosphere and a portion accumulated on facility roofs. Stormwater runoff from facility roofs previously drained to drywells. DEQ is holding this meeting to provide information on a draft drywell cleanup proposal entitled “Draft Underground Injection Control Facility Investigation and Closure Plan”. The draft cleanup proposal is for decommissioning and remediation of Drywell #1 in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules [OAR] 340-044-0040 and is the subject of a public comment period ongoing in August 2017. Five monitoring wells are also proposed in the work plan to evaluate groundwater conditions in the vicinity of Drywell #1. The proposed drywell cleanup work is scheduled to for late September or early October 2017. The revised deadline to submit public comments that will be considered prior to DEQ’s approval of the work plan has been extended to September 15, 2017 at 5:00pm. (8/11/2017 update KRT) The document entitled: "Bullseye Draft UIC Closure WP (workplan) July 2017", available for public review and comment during August 2017, is the last document (12 of 12) on the Site Documents list of the ECSI 6143 webpage. The document entitied: "DEQ-UIC Facility Investigation Report (June 2017)" (document 9 of 12) is uploaded in its entiriety with all appendices, well logs, field data, photos and lab reports. (7/10/2017) DEQ to review and provide document: "Underground injection Control Facility Investigation and Closure Plan" for public review and comment during August 2017. Document uploaded to ECSI 6143. (7/10/2017) DEQ to review document: "Underground injection Control Facility Investigation Report". Document uploaded to ECSI 6143 webdocs webdocs as two files: text/tables/figures and Apendices. (05/3/2017): DEQ has completed a review of the investigation report and a revised report is being prepared. A workplan for additional investigation and delineation of impacts to groundwater is required. (04/24/2017): Initial Investigation under a DEQ approved workplan has been completed and reported to DEQ. The report is under review and the approach to further investigation and resolution of findings is under consideration. (12/30/2016-PRS) DEQ has approved a workplan for investigation of the extent and magnitude of contamination from the former drywell, which will be implemented and reported in early 2017. A drywell at the facility has been determined to have been impacted by metals contamination. The material was cleaned out and disposed, and a workplan for follow-up investigation is under development.
General Site Information
Site: Bullseye Glass - Drywell soil cleanup, groundwater (ECSI Site ID: 6143) CERCLIS (EPA) Id
Project Manager: Kenneth Thiessen Investigative Status:Contamination Suspected
PM Phone: (503) 229-6015 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 3722 SE 21st Ave. Is this site an Orphan?No
Portland, 97202 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: MULTNOMAH Action Underway or Needed: CONFIRMATION SAMPLING
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
UIC_Workplan_apprvl - December 2016.pdf Correspondence 0.0807 12/19/2016 12/19/2016
UIC_Report - May 2017.pdf Correspondence 0.0899 5/3/2017 5/3/2017
DEQ Approval UIC Inv Rpt June 17.pdf Correspondence 0.2551 7/24/2017 7/24/2017
bullseye-uicclosureplan.pdf Correspondence 0.4251 9/26/2017 9/28/2017
BullseyePublicComments - pdf.pdf Correspondence 0.0666 9/28/2017 10/2/2017
DEQ response to Dec 2017 UIC Closure Rpt.pdf Correspondence 0.4389 1/17/2018 1/17/2018
Bullseye Drywell Sept 2017-FINAL.pdf Miscellaneous 0.9015 9/7/2017 9/13/2017
bullseye-UICrespcomments.pdf Miscellaneous 0.0666 9/28/2017 9/28/2017
Bullseye Cost Recovery Agreement - Signed.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 1.8530 10/10/2016 10/18/2016
2016.10.04 Sample Results.pdf Reports 1.9572 10/4/2016 11/14/2016
Bullseye UIC Sediment Total vs SPLP Results.pdf Reports 0.0618 10/30/2016 11/14/2016
Bullseye UIC Final Report June 2017-170630-text.pdf Reports 3.9116 7/3/2017 7/10/2017
DEQ-UIC Facility Investigation Report (June 2017).pdf Reports 4.5319 6/1/2017 12/7/2017
Draft_UIC_Report (April 2017).pdf Reports 3.1937 4/3/2017 12/7/2017
Bullseye UIC Closure Report 171229 text.pdf Reports 3.4258 12/29/2017 1/17/2018
Bullseye UIC Groundwater Q1 Report-180312-2.pdf Reports 17.1456 3/19/2018 3/20/2018
DEQ-UIC Workplan_figures.pdf Work Plans 0.6139 12/15/2016 12/19/2016
DEQ-UIC Workplan 161123_text.pdf Work Plans 2.2383 12/19/2016 1/18/2017
Bullseye Draft UIC Closure WP-July 2017-170630-2.pdf Work Plans 4.4357 7/3/2017 7/10/2017
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