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Alkali Lake Disposal Site

Summary Information
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The Alkali Lake Chemical Waste Disposal site is in Lake County, Oregon, about 60 miles north of Lakeview. The main disposal area occupies about 10 acres just west of Alkali Lake. The area is dry most of the year, as are most nearby surface water bodies. About 25,000 drums of pesticide manufacturing waste were disposed of here in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 1976, the drums were crushed and buried in place in shallow trenches. Despite the large quantity of toxic materials, the site does not present a significant risk to human health or the environment because the waste has been buried and fenced, and the site is remote - located about 35 miles from the nearest town.
General Site Information
Site: Alkali Lake Disposal Site (ECSI Site ID: 291) CERCLIS (EPA) Id980511497
Project Manager: Robert Schwarz Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (541) 298-7255 x230 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 30S/23E/S18 Is this site an Orphan?No
Alkali Lake, 97640 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: LAKE Action Underway or Needed: Periodic Review
Region: Eastern Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
RiskAssessment.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 0.8739 1/17/2008
RiskAssessmentFiguresMaps.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 1.9867 1/17/2008
AppendixALandUseMemorandum.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 0.0696 1/17/2008
AppendixBStatisticalAnalyses.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 4.0167 1/17/2008
AppendixCPhotographs.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 0.8360 1/17/2008
AppD-ONHIC.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 0.4256 1/17/2008
AppendixERiskAssessmentChecklists.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 0.5221 1/17/2008
Fact Sheet-AlkaliLake-Aug-2013.pdf Fact Sheets 0.1901 8/11/2015 8/11/2015
AlkaliLakePhotos.pdf Miscellaneous 0.2734 1/13/2009
Remediation Alt Rpt 8-15-06.pdf Reports 1.9536 3/10/2009
RiskAssessmentTbls.pdf Reports 0.4464 11/10/2009
September 2013 groundwater sampling report.pdf Reports 3.0882 10/18/2013 8/24/2015
May 2011 Groundwater Report-Alkali Lake.pdf Reports 1.0728 9/7/2011 8/24/2015
Alkali Lake ROD figures.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 0.4484 1/17/2008
Alkali Lake ROD.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 4.2906 1/17/2008

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Soil sample collection
CWDA and Alkali from spoils pile
CWDA and west Alkali Lake
Desert crust and plant community
Groundwater sampling and well maintenance
North depression and west Alkali Lake
North Depression
Soil Treatment Areas
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