Summary Information
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[Aug. 2013] The North Ridge Estates site was developed for residential use, with approximately 25 homes on minimum lot sizes of 2.5 acres on the former Marine Recuperation Barracks. The Marine Recuperation Barracks was built in 1944 by the United States Department of Defense and consisted of approximately 82 buildings. The United States Navy closed the barracks and declared the Marine Recuperation Barracks as surplus in 1946. The Marine Recuperation Barracks buildings were sided with cement asbestos board and contained asbestos insulation, roofing material, floor tiles, and other asbestos-containing material (ACM). Heat was provided to the buildings through a series of boilers, tanks, and buried steam pipes covered with asbestos-containing insulation. ACM is present at the NRE Site as both dispersed material scattered widely across the 125-acre OU1 and concentrated material in burial areas with depths ranging from 4 inches bgs to 10 feet bgs. The total amount of buried material in these locations across NRE Site, OU1 has been estimated to be approximately 76,064 cubic yards. The EPA has completed multiple time-critical actions at the facilitysince 2003. The State of Oregon used its one-time nomination to place NRE on the Superfund list in September 2010. EPA initiated the Superfund listing proposal for NRE in March 2011 and the site was listed on the NPL in Sept. 2011. EPA presented the NRE Site to the National Priorities Panel, in March 2013, including a request for appropriation of CERCLA remedial action funding. Funding was assigned to the NRE OU1 site by EPA in Spring 2014. The implementation of the Remedial Action is underway. Additional information my be viewed at the EPA NRE web page: EPA is the lead agency for remedial action at NRE. DEQ is a supporting agency.
General Site Information
Site: North Ridge Estates (ECSI Site ID: 2335) CERCLIS (EPA) Id001002476
Project Manager: Kathleen Robertson Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (541) 278-4620 NPL(National Priority Listing):Yes
Address: 38S/9E/S15bd Is this site an Orphan?Yes
Klamath Falls, 97601 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: KLAMATH Action Underway or Needed: REMEDIAL ACTION
Region: Eastern Region Click for more details ...  
NOTE: This site has one or more long-term controls designed to manage site risks. Click here for details.

Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
2335_EES_380915Atxlt50_warehouse_05-23-2012.pdf E&ES documents 1.1083 8/21/2013
ATSDR health consultation for North Ridge Estates, 3-06.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 1.0761 10/15/2007
Parcel Location Site Map_06-2006.pdf Miscellaneous 2.0699 11/1/2007
ACM presence (NRE site map).pdf Miscellaneous 0.3363 11/1/2007
MOA (EPA, DEQ).pdf Miscellaneous 0.3097 11/1/2007
2335-HessPPA-2720OldFortRd-05-21-2014.pdf PPAs 1.4906 5/28/2014
2335_Community Planning Report_08-27-2008.pdf Reports 2.4763 8/28/2008
Community_Visioning_Workshop_Summary_Report.pdf Reports 2.6795 9/2/2008
2335_North_Ridge_Estates_ROD_9_2011.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 2.6872 11/17/2011

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Park at North Ridge Estate.
Map of former base.
Former base foundations looking north.
North Ridge Estates sign with former base foundation in the background.
View of the site looking southwest.
Concrete foundation with new home in the background.
Close-up of existing foundation.
Former base foundation in hillside.
Former base foundations with new home in the background looking east.
Remnants of former base with new home in the background.
Former base foundation with hydrant in the foreground.
Test pit.
Mound with MBK building in the background.
Remnants of former base in hillside.
MBK building.
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